Holy Smokes! It’s the Incense Car

Just because I, Father Late, do not need a car to commute – there are a number of hidden catacombs that connect my home oratory to the church sacristy – this does not mean that I am unconcerned with the environment. This is why I directed the chair of my Buildings & Grounds Committee to […]

Welcome to the Incense Cellar

Many of you have inquired about my world-renowned incense cellar. While I only admit specially trained curates, I graciously have decided to offer my extended congregation a one-time peek behind the wall of smoke. Before this journey begins, I would remind you that to covet is a sin. I would also add that until scratch-‘n-sniff […]

The Home Oratory: Unprecedented Access!

Many of you have asked about my home oratory and thus I am offering this exclusive sneak peak. Whenever I am not leading grand cathedral-style liturgy or drinking sherry I am often found leading an exemplary life of devotion in the sacred confines of my oratory. It is a place that embodies the rhythms of […]