Fr. Late’s Guide to Texting

You may find this surprising but some clergy in the Anglican Communion are not fluent in “text speak.” Or at least they do not, like me, keep a 20-something junior curate on retainer to handle all issues technological. This point was driven home for me recently when I learned that a colleague, who shall remain […]

Tattoo You

While I understand that many of you young folks are enamored with tattoos, they are a disgrace. They are to your body what not wearing a chasuble to celebrate the Eucharist is to the liturgy. “You shall not make any gashes in your flesh for the dead or tattoo any marks upon you: I am […]

Father “Oscar Late”+

Although I appreciated the recent “chant out” from Episcopal Cafe quoting my suggestions for a better GOE, I was quite distressed to see them use my sacred name in quotes. Not air quotes, mind you, but actual quotation marks as if I didn’t even exist. This affront to the good name of Oscar Late+ — […]

A Better CPE Experience

After my post on the GOE, I thought I would tackle the other great rite of passage for ordinands, Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE). I understand from a few nonagenarians in my congregation (who have graciously designed their wills to leave all of their financial assets to my parish, earmarked for the vestment fund) that student […]

A better General Ordination Exam

My parish, being a thriving place, has several people in the ordination process. So this week, I am praying for my parishioners who are taking the General Ordination Exam. Of course, we have a special votive mass every morning at 9 a.m. to pray for our own examinees and others around the country. The GOE […]

Kiss my apse

Osculate. v. os·cu·lat·ed, os·cu·lat·ing, os·cu·lates 1 . To kiss. While all truly holy priests osculate at the altar of our Lord, the lips of many often touch more profane objects. This week golfer Tom Watson was seen osculating the Swilcan Bridge approaching the 18th hole as he bid farewell to the Old Course at […]