I have been dispensing Fatherly advice for decades. With the advent of social media, I am now able to hold forth for thousands. If you have a matter on which you would like my advice, please do email me.

I am the cardinal rector of a fine parish whose narthex only contains tracts authored by John Henry Newman, of blessed memory. Thanks to a couple of assistant curates (or “Assistants to the Rector” as Americans like to say in their functional if unpoetic way), I have plenty of time for three-martini lunches, two-thurible masses, and singularly opinionated blog posts.

You might expect that I would be traditionalist on all matters, but that is not the case. My interest is in a church of vital importance and great beauty. Here on A&B, I will acknowledge those things which are true and lively. I will bewail shoddy thinking and ugly art.