To badly go where no priest has gone before

Don’t start with me on the split infinitive in this post’s title. That will be the least of your worries once you read on. It seems that a business called “Clergy Couture” has begun creating clergy attire for the day when chaplains are a routine part of the crew on spacecraft as they wing through outer space. This attire is not fit for planet Earth, as you can see in the photo to the right. Haute couture is one thing; haute church is another.

Now I have nothing against women priests or special clergy attire for women. As long as it involves black shirts, amices, and orphreys in the traditional patterns. The departure from fashion norms in place since the time of Christ is not my only objection here. You see, clergy are not supposed to worry about things like couture, or at least we’re not supposed to admit it. “Oh, this thing? It’s just a priceless 14th century cope made by 17 monks over 40 years of dawn-to-dusk labor.” That’s completely different from “I am wearing the latest fashions from ‘Clergy Couture’ as you can plainly see.”

Even more than that,  I prefer to view my science fiction costumes at the movie theatre,  not in the sanctuary. If I wanted that sort of thing in my parish, we’d use Prayer C. Or maybe we’d sing that dreadful hymn about stars and hammers.

Dear readers, if you see any clergy sporting these costumes, encourage them to call George Lucas about a role in his next sci-fi epic or to contact NASA about taking their show on the road. On the road to Mars, that is. And remember, our Lord spoke Aramaic not Klingon.

Yours in the Lord,

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