Father “Oscar Late”+

Although I appreciated the recent “chant out” from Episcopal Cafe quoting my suggestions for a better GOE, I was quite distressed to see them use my sacred name in quotes. Not air quotes, mind you, but actual quotation marks as if I didn’t even exist. This affront to the good name of Oscar Late+ — in addition to not using my proper title of “Father” — was a slap in the face to all good and decent liturgical practices.

And it was particularly rich considering this so-called “Cafe” has yet to deliver the double espresso I ordered. If this is the state of table service and outdoor seating in the Episcopal Church, it’s no wonder membership is declining. You may as well put out an umbrella emblazoned with “Cinzano” and go to Rome. Or head to a Beer Garden in Bavaria.

It’s a good thing this “Cafe” is not catering the Coffee Hour at my Cardinal Parish where I serve as the Cardinal Rector. Members of our St. Drogo Guild, who roast and then freshly grind beans from all over the world to serve to parishioners following Sunday morning liturgies, would not be pleased with such sloppy service.

I will pray for the soul of this Episcopal “Cafe” with special intention for their baristas and pastry chefs. May the service improve and may they repent of their quotable sin with pure and contrite hearts.

Yours in the Lord,

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