Bad Window of the Day

I have nothing against preppy lads. Some of my parish’s greatest pledgers are preps of the first order. When not in church they can be found with Bloody Marys in their hands cutting bold figures in the oak-lined halls of the country club. Which, as I think about it, reminds me a lot of my vesting sacristy (minus the moose heads on the wall).

However, regardless of the size of the pledge, I am quite certain that there were no Princeton-educated, squash racket-toting preppies at the Last Supper. Unless you believe this window which I have aptly titled “What is a Preppy doing in the Upper Room?” Check out the guy in brown. His green garment is tossed over his shoulders like a V-neck tennis sweater on a guy named Trip. His face oozes trust fund and his hair would make David Hasselhoff proud.

I won’t even get into the placement of Jesus’ left hand. This window is both odd and ugly. Which is quite a feat even for my own high standards. Other observations are welcome.

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