The Home Oratory: Unprecedented Access!

Many of you have asked about my home oratory and thus I am offering this exclusive sneak peak. Whenever I am not leading grand cathedral-style liturgy or drinking sherry I am often found leading an exemplary life of devotion in the sacred confines of my oratory. It is a place that embodies the rhythms of the liturgical year; a place where all things are done decently and in good order according to the ancient practices of good taste and high churchmanship.

Of course the only way to fully experience the holiness of my home oratory is to be invited to serve at the altar. Don’t hold your breath. Nonetheless I trust that this preview will be an inspiration and provide sustenance on your journey with our Lord. And I beg you not to be intimidated by the sheer beauty and liturgical correctness. Neither Rome nor my home oratory were built in a day.

Obviously Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament is an integral part of home oratory life. As you can see, my monstrance exudes eucharistic piety.

Please do not be jealous of my 13th century German chalice and paten. It is not comely to covet. Of course I have a gold straw to prevent the spilling of our Lord’s blood — there was enough spillage of holy blood upon the cross itself. We need not add to the sin.

My Sanctus bells are an integral part of mass. They announce that the Supper of the Lamb is about to be served. One might question whether a eucharist is even valid without the ringing of Sanctus bells.

I apologize for not being able to offer a clearer picture of my beautiful, hand-crafted, jewel encrusted antique thurible. It is difficult to photograph as it is always smoking. If you look closely at this picture you can see just a glimpse.

That’s enough detail for now. I do not want to overwhelm all of you with such a stunning example of worship in the beauty of holiness.

If you are considering a home oratory I am available for aesthetic and liturgical consultation.

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