Bad Window of the Day

Woody Woodpecker Window

There’s nothing like a stunning stained glass window to inspire the heart and fill it with joy. When the light hits the illuminated glass just before Evensong, the brilliant colors come alive. As you would imagine, I only serve churches with Tiffany windows but I understand others have dabbled in this art as well.

In my travels I have encountered various travesties set in stained glass which I consider personal affronts to our Lord. Let alone to good taste. In the days ahead I will share some particularly atrocious examples. Check back often and feel free to send others my way — hopefully not from your own churches.

We’ll begin this journey with what I like to call the “Woody Woodpecker Window.” The resemblance is uncanny. Now, it’s true that the peacock is an ancient symbol of the Resurrection. One look at a peacock’s tail feathers is enough of an explanation as to the origin of this tradition. Why the “artist” of this stained glass window fails to show the peacock in full plumage is beyond me. What is depicted may as well be a giant turkey. Or wood pecker.

Yours in the Lord,

Oscar Late +

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